Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time for some spring cleaning.

I spent sunday morning doing some spring cleaning on my fly rods, and reels. I wiped all the rods down with soap, and water, then dressed em all with pledge(gives it the clean feel of a new rod). I still need to do a little light sanding on the cork handles, but that can wait till this upcoming weekend.
I stripped all my reels down, cleaned, and dressed lines down with wd-40. If I'm not mistaken, wd-40 was created as a water displacement, hence the wd. I then dismantled each of my reels (6), cleaned em in soapy water, sprayed em with wd-40, wiped em off then greased all the gears, and springs, along with the shafts with a light grease, and then reasembled them.
Later on that evening, I went down to the river with my 8wt rod, and reel and did a little fishing. Unfortunatly, I didnt catch anything, but after dressing the lines, I was able to shoot almost all the line through the guides through a strong wind with barely any effort.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I hate my job!!!!

Well, perhaps I dont hate it, but I do seriously dislike it. I cant get home long enough to go fishing, and I can't stand tying flies on the road. The reason being is simple...ever had to take ur work home with you? Ya feel like ya cant escape it right?
Thats the feeling I have when I take my vise on the road to tie some flies. It relaxes me, and takes away the stress on the road. But, then I get home, and want to relax after dinner by tying some flies and guess what?
I feel like I'm back in the truck, and to be honest with ya, I cant stand that. Thats the reason I come home, to relax. I'm only home for a day, and a half. And, when ur sleepin for half of it, your really not getting any fun in it at all.
Tonite though, Im tying....BASS BUGS!! It's been awhile, so its gonna be new to me again. Although I'm lookin forward to it. I dont think I've tied up a bass bug in about a yr or better. Hopefully it goes well, cause I'm really jonsen for some fresh flies to fill the boxes.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

first fish of 09'

Man what a way to start off the 09' season!! First cast I make I land a 14" bow. He put up one hell of a fight too. At first I thought it was just gonna be a small one from the way he started playin me. But, after about 2 minutes of a good fight he decides to do a leap, and that's when I saw him.
Big, fat, and aiming for the fryin pan!!! after about I'd say a fight of about 15 minutes or so I finally got him landed. Was I ever suprised when I did, minus the net I forgot at home, cause he was around 14 inches, and FAT!! I even took a picture, but thats when murpheys law hit me.
I had brought him up on shore to take a pic with my camera phone, and when I went to place him back in the water....I FORGOT TO SAVE THE PIC!!! So after I released him, and realized I wanted to get another pic, and save it this time, I didnt get a bit the rest of the morning. Oh well, even though I didnt get the pic, I still have the memory of the first nice fish of 09'.

Friday, January 9, 2009

almost winter

I say almost cause it's January, but not yet snowing. The ponds in the area are still full of water, and not ice, yet its cold enough to where being in the water gives ya the chills to the point of wanting to get out of the water. Being in the truck all the time, I dont really feel like tying any flies anymore. I come home, and tying makes me think of being on the truck, with all the time spent tying in there lately.
Good news is that we're finally getting to move into the house we've been waiting on for (get ready for this one...)the past 3yrs. what can I say, our friend took her time building the new place. I'll have to post pics when I get in there. I get a loft all to myself, so there will be lots of room to tie flies, and hopefully get into building rods as well.
I cant wait till I actually get a set area to tie flies, and not worry about everything else getting thrown on the desk, cause it wont be in an area where it's community property.The thing I love about it, is that I get a window looking out towards the barn, and I have a great big fireplace downstairs, so it will always be nice and toasty warm when Im tying flies.
Hope to post more later, but I need to be getting goin so I can get up early in the morning, and get to moving into the new place.