Friday, January 9, 2009

almost winter

I say almost cause it's January, but not yet snowing. The ponds in the area are still full of water, and not ice, yet its cold enough to where being in the water gives ya the chills to the point of wanting to get out of the water. Being in the truck all the time, I dont really feel like tying any flies anymore. I come home, and tying makes me think of being on the truck, with all the time spent tying in there lately.
Good news is that we're finally getting to move into the house we've been waiting on for (get ready for this one...)the past 3yrs. what can I say, our friend took her time building the new place. I'll have to post pics when I get in there. I get a loft all to myself, so there will be lots of room to tie flies, and hopefully get into building rods as well.
I cant wait till I actually get a set area to tie flies, and not worry about everything else getting thrown on the desk, cause it wont be in an area where it's community property.The thing I love about it, is that I get a window looking out towards the barn, and I have a great big fireplace downstairs, so it will always be nice and toasty warm when Im tying flies.
Hope to post more later, but I need to be getting goin so I can get up early in the morning, and get to moving into the new place.