Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time for some spring cleaning.

I spent sunday morning doing some spring cleaning on my fly rods, and reels. I wiped all the rods down with soap, and water, then dressed em all with pledge(gives it the clean feel of a new rod). I still need to do a little light sanding on the cork handles, but that can wait till this upcoming weekend.
I stripped all my reels down, cleaned, and dressed lines down with wd-40. If I'm not mistaken, wd-40 was created as a water displacement, hence the wd. I then dismantled each of my reels (6), cleaned em in soapy water, sprayed em with wd-40, wiped em off then greased all the gears, and springs, along with the shafts with a light grease, and then reasembled them.
Later on that evening, I went down to the river with my 8wt rod, and reel and did a little fishing. Unfortunatly, I didnt catch anything, but after dressing the lines, I was able to shoot almost all the line through the guides through a strong wind with barely any effort.