Sunday, January 30, 2011


I started tying up alot of buggers last night. I have enough chenile to do a few dozen, and being the weather isnt the greatest I figured why not tie up alot of em. right now the colors are mostly bright orange, with a white hackle palmered around the chennile. Been tying up some more deer hair bass bugs as well, and started to throw on some weedguards with em as well.
I still need to get to the fly shop, and get some more hair though. Weather, and money constraints have kept me from making the trip to the fly shop. I did get to walmart yesterday for some double edge razors, large stinger hooks, and some heavy mono for the weedguards. I need to go back there again, and get a new clear plastic plano box, so that I have a place to store the rest of the flies I'm tying up.
I figure that after today, I won't have any room left in the box, to put any flies. Although I guess that just means it's time to go through my fly boxes in the vest, take out all the old n replace em with the I can tie even more flies for my reserves. I figure at this point I probably have enough flies tied to last me the season, and probably the season after that as well if I don't get on the vise next off season.
Well, time to tie up a few more bugs. Here's just a small taste of what I have so far, and what I need to keep tying for later.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

working on some bass bugs

They are harder then they look. I have tried various ways of tying em, and am still having problems with em. I started reading up on some great sites about tying bass bugs. The best one I have found, is by the person who I consider the pro of bass bugs, Chris Helm. His site has helped Me out tremendously, as He has so much information available, on just one site.
As soon, as I can get a better camera to take some macro shots, (My camera doesn't take the greatest macro shots...very blurry) I'll post some pics of the flies I've been tying.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wow it's been awhile.

Been gone awhile, and really hasnt been much fun. I've tied alot, fished abit, and haven't blogged about any of it. I just recently got back into tying deer hair poppers, and having a blast with em. I need to get to the fly shop n grab some more hooks, definatly some gsp, and alot more deer hair.
Different colored hair would be nice to get too. I'll have too see what thier selection is like. I want to get some wild colors to start tying with. Hot pinks, greens, red, black, yellow, orange,blue. Just all kinds of colors to spice up the flies. Not sure about the kinds of hooks I'm gonna get yet, maybe some bass stingers.
I've been tying some nice looking flies lately, although having only natural colored hair, they aren't all that great. Need to get some thinning scissors, gsp, stinger hooks, a hair packer, and definatly different colored deer hair.
Snow is everywhere, so there's no sense in even looking at My rods yet. Although, I do need to see about getting some new fly lines this season. I'm sure that after 6 years there abit worn out. Although they still look great after all them fights, but the tapers are all worn out n gone.
Well I guess I'm gonna go try n tie a few more with the hair, and hooks I have left. Hopefully I can get to the shop in a couple of weeks n get a few more supplies before cabin fever sets in, and I start trying to catch fish outta peoples fish aquariums.