Thursday, June 9, 2011

The one that got away

We've all heard the stories of the one that got away. I only wish I could back up what I have to say with the fish itself. It was a gorgeous day out today, and decided to go out and do abit of fishing. There's a nice set of ponds near the castle here in town, and though I have fished one of em a few times, I decided to fish the smaller pond today.
I broke out the 5 wt, tied on a hopper pattern, and started slingin it out there as far as I could. All I was getting were bites from bluegills too small to even get the hook in thier mouth. I switched over to a colorful bassbug after a few casts, and started to let it fly as far as I could. Only one side of the pond was accessable due to weeds along the shores, so I had to stick to one side of the pond, and work it as well as possible with what I had.
I had almost given up when I seen a little swirl about 15 ft out in the water, and thought I'd give it a try. I double hauled and landed the fly just in front of the spot I had seen. I twitched it once, n gave it a gentle thing I knew the fly disappered, and line was being stripped from the reel faster then I could get My hands on it. It got it down into the backing, n seen it do a nice jump near the other side of the shore, and then I could only guess as a deep dive.
Next thing I know....the line goes slack. Now, I've been fishing long enough to know to keep the rod tip high....check. I know to keep the line tight, but give him room to move so he don't break off....check. But, what I don't know is how to keep the dang snags in the water from keeping My line from breaking when I have possibly the biggest fish I've ever hooked in My life on the line, to get it to hand.
The funny part is I rushed home right afterwards to tell My g.f. we have to go to walmart to buy a raft. When she heard about the fight, she grabbed her rod, n asked what I was waiting for. We went back out there, n fished for another hour or so, n seen him out there rising, n teasing us, but didn't get any bites. I'm just glad he was still out there rising, so I didn't sound like some dang fish story telling angler.
Tomorrow is round two. I'm gonna get that fish. No matter what, I'm getting that fish. I definatly need to get a pontoon raft, or at least a raft. I think once I get to building My rods later on, Im definatly gonna be building a good bass rod that I can get alot of line out on the water with. Well, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to talk about the one that DIDN'T get away, lol.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thinking of trying to build a fly rod

I've been doing alot of research lately on what I need to get in order to start building some rods. I don't think My first rod build is gonna be an expensive one, cause if I mess up, I'd prefer the first rod be one that can easily be forgotten, without looking at the checking account n wonder what I was thinking when I did it.
I'd like to go with a nice 9ft 8wt rod, seeing as how I don't own a good bass fishing rod. I've got a ton of links on equipment, supplies, and various other things I'd want to get if My first rod build goes well. If I do well, I'd like to get a lathe so I can turn My own grips, and reel seats.
My goal is to get good enough to make up a few personal rods to use Myself, and possibly give some away as gifts to friends, and family who fish. I also wouldn't mind getting into building bamboo rods at a later time as well. I really like working with My hands, and feel that building a bamboo rod, would be a test of My skills.
Keep your fingers crossed. If things go well hopefully I'll start My first build in about a month if everything goes right. Gotta get the tools, and supplies to do the work first, then it's gonna be a gamble if I can do it or not.