Monday, February 28, 2011


Finally after alot of rain, and some warmer days we're starting to see some water. It's not by any means fishing water yet. Too murky, and running way too fast to be fishable, but the signs of ice melting, and ducks swimming in water is a great sign that winter is almost past, and the days of fishing are about to begin.
Been tying alot of deer hair bass bugs, and that's great for later in the season....but I gotta start cracking down on divers, and any other sub surface patterns for this summer. Oh, hoppers too. need to tie lots of hoppers, and dragonfly patterns. I need to get an 8wt too. I only got My 4 n 5 wts for trout, so definatly gonna need another 8wt for the summer.
Need to get a gear bag, a new rod, and reel, some furled leaders, and a few more boxes for all the flies that keep popping outta my vise so far. This is gonna be the summer that will be burned in my memory for years to come. This is gonna be the year where I catch lots of fish, and fish alot of new places as well. Until next time, tight lines.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bass Bugs II

Well, I've been tying alot of bass bugs lately. The problem I've come to find is being I'm either fishing from shore, or wading it's gonna make it hard to keep My bugs on me, without being crushed. I've looked n looked for fly boxes with some depth, and haven't been able to come up with anything as of yet.
So far, My best option is to use a smaller plano type box, fill it with the flies needed, and slip in in the back of My fly vest so I can pull em out when needed. I was looking at the bugger barns, but it don't seem as thought they would be deep enough to keep the flies in it, without em getting crushed.
Think I might have to keep My eyes open for some kind of a box, that I can modify that won't be too bulky to fit in a vest, and still be roomy enough to fit all the flies in without crushing em. So far the 2nd, n 4th pics seem to be the box to go with.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My new addiction.....bass bugs

With all the snow we've gotten around here lately, the only thing to do is work, and tie flies. I've been tying up alot of bass bugs, seeing as how most all the fishing around here is either gonna be bass, or go north n hit the metalheads. I've actually gotten pretty good at tying deer hair bugs lately. Probably cause I have nothing better to do with the weather the way it is.
Last week, Me, and my girlfriend went to walmart to get a few things, and I had to get another plano box to keep all the bugs in. The fly boxes I have now crush the bugs, and then they become useless cause they won't float right. Gotta try n find a new way to store em so I can keep em in My vest when out in the water.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bass Bugs

Been tying alot of bass bugs recently. Nothing special, either full color bodies, or split down the middle with different colors, and lots of fluffy, sparkly tails. Got a new cabinet to display some gear as well. Got a little foam block on a shelf with alot of flies I have tied. The best part is the girls have helped (design) a few flies, and then had em named after em, lol.
Nothing too special, but they seem to enjoy it alot, and can't wait for the water to thaw, like Me, to see how they fish this summer.