Saturday, March 7, 2009

I hate my job!!!!

Well, perhaps I dont hate it, but I do seriously dislike it. I cant get home long enough to go fishing, and I can't stand tying flies on the road. The reason being is simple...ever had to take ur work home with you? Ya feel like ya cant escape it right?
Thats the feeling I have when I take my vise on the road to tie some flies. It relaxes me, and takes away the stress on the road. But, then I get home, and want to relax after dinner by tying some flies and guess what?
I feel like I'm back in the truck, and to be honest with ya, I cant stand that. Thats the reason I come home, to relax. I'm only home for a day, and a half. And, when ur sleepin for half of it, your really not getting any fun in it at all.
Tonite though, Im tying....BASS BUGS!! It's been awhile, so its gonna be new to me again. Although I'm lookin forward to it. I dont think I've tied up a bass bug in about a yr or better. Hopefully it goes well, cause I'm really jonsen for some fresh flies to fill the boxes.