Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scouting some new areas to fish

I've been scouting some new areas to fish around here lately. Went back to the pond that I took the kids to for abit of fishing. I didn't have any luck catching any fish while I was there, but seen some huge carp that I now have to try and catch. I spoke with someone who was there who said they were shocked to see Me fishing there.
Apparently, they emptied that pond a few years ago, and as far as he knew, he said there weren't any fish in there. Well I'm keeping positive that there are seeing as how I seen the carp. After talking to a few other people I've decided to find another place to fish just in case there arent any fish in there.
Last night while Myself, and the gf were hunting for a larger place to live, I noticed a nice sized pond in the area we're looking at. I stopped by there today after dropping her off at work, and it definatly has potential. It's a large pond with water being fed from a river, as well as an area to launch a bellyboat, or pontoon from pretty easily. It was too windy, and cod to try n do any fishing today, but hope to head back tomorrow for abit of fishing there.

Monday, March 21, 2011

been pretty boring around here lately

The weather is still awefully cold, to the point that the fish are still so deep I can't reach em. I've tied quite a few bass bugs lately. In fact I took the kids out this past weekend to do alittle fishing, just to get outta the house, and those bugs I've been tying all winter long are working awesome.
The legs have great action in the water, the colors look alot more brighter then I thought they would on the water, compared to looking at em in the vise, and they float well, n dive deep when popped. Hopefully this summer I can get some good pics of some nice fish, as well as some very happy faces as well.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

spring cleanup. organizing fly boxes

Ever notice how when you go through your fly boxes to sort out the good, from the bad, you realize how good your getting at tying flies? For instance, today while going through My vest I found a fly box I haven't used in years. By years, I don't mean one, possibly two years.....I mean like 5, or 6 years.

Well, let Me tell you, it was a shock to see how well I've come along in My
tying. Heck, even the g.f. got a good laugh at some of the flies I had in there, n called good enough to fish.
Well, since then I've gotten alot better. So part of My spring cleaning today was going through My vests, sorting out fly boxes, leaders,
removing old flies from the fly patches, and seeing what gear needed replenished. I've got three boxes ready to go fishing for the upcoming
season, with more flies in the vise, n scheduled for a basses demise.
As of right now, this box here is gonna be My go to box I think. So far it has some clousers, hoppers, wo
olyworms, and few other patterns in it as well.

Then next box I have is a smaller box filled with hoppers, some older deer hair bugs that really don't resemble anything, but catch fish, as well as lots of buggers.

Next is My big box I'll have to keep in the back of My vest. It has all of My deer hair patterns that are too big to go in a fly box, cause they'll get crushed if they're put in there. Since I've taken this picture, I've added quiet a few other patterns to it. A few divers, and alot of surface patterns. I
haven't posted a pic of the divers cause well.....that fly belongs in the first pic (lol). I tied My first one tonight. Not bad overall, but as good as I've gotten lately tying, if it won't sell in a shop, I'm not posting it. So, hopefully in a few weeks I'll post a pic of one, possibly in the lip of a big ol bucketmouth.
I think overall this is gonna be a very productive year for fishing, getting outdoors, and having fun. I have a g.f. who wants to get out, and do alot of outdoor activities, a little buddy who's dying to catch some fish (like Me), and best of all, there are areas for Bass, Trout, and Metalheads not far away from here. Yup....2011 is the year of the fishbum. WATCH OUT FISH....I'M COMING TO CATCH YA.
Tight lines.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Well I got in trouble this weekend.

Myself, and my little buddy 'that's what I call one one of the gf's daughters' went to the fly shop on saturday, and spent a few bucks on some supplies. By a few bucks, I mean I just about wiped out the checking acct, and she wasn't very happy when she seen it. Well, at least me n the little buddy had fun. Bought about 8 different color deer hair patches, a foam body cutter (MUST GET MORE OF THESE), some trimming scissors, a few packages of yellow rubber legs, as well as an orange/yellow/metallic colored legs, and some thread for tying up the deer hair patterns.
I think she had fun while she was there. Other then a trip to a bass pro shop when I lived in Missouri, she had never been in a fly shop before. She had seen what they have to offer on websites, and the things I've brought home, but never went to an actual fly shop and looked around. Well, let's just say she had a blast. The owner of the shop is a really nice older gentleman, and as soon as we walked in he told her to follow him, cause he had something for her. Well, it turned out he has his own candy dispenser (like an old bubble gum machine) so she got to chow down on m&m's while we shopped.
Part of why I got in trouble was having so much fun watching her pick things up, and look so fascinated at it. She sees my tying desk and sees a few necks, some thread, a few tools, and hooks, yet she walked into their tying room, and seen racks of feathers, deer hair, threads, foam, and various other supplies. I love it when kids now adays are so enthused about the out doors. Part of if may be she's never really seen so many things like this before, but it was all so cute. I'd be looking for something, she'd ask if this is what I was looking for, then hand me 4 different varieties n ask 'is this enough?'
So far I haven't had time to do any deer hair patterns yet. Been cutting out alot of beavertail bodies with this new foam cutter. I really like it cause I've been able to cut up to 4 layers thick of 2mm foam, and knock out alot of bodies at once. With all these bass bugs, and hoppers, the water had better start dropping soon. Went down to look at the water the other day, and it was running fast n dirty. So I probably won't get to wet a line for about another 2 weeks at least to let the water clear up.
Well, I'm off to tie some more hoppers, and possibly break into my new stash of deer hair, n see what new bugs I can come up with. Until next time, have a great season, and tight lines.