Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolutions

    2012 is MY year. It's the year I get into building, graphite, and hopefully bamboos as well. It's the year ALL the things I've wanted to do fishing related, not only happens, but goes down in My record book as the year of finally doing what I want to do. It's the year that I post more blogs on a regular basis, get more involved in online forums, and most of all get out on the water n post tons of pics of all the great days on the water.
    It's the year I buy My kayak, and spend as many days on the water as possible, even at the risk of having to find another job on those great weather days. The year that I make a name for Myself, and not just as a friend, or co worker, but as someone who's trying to further his life, and make it the best it can possibly be. It's the year Montana is no longer a state I've driven through, but one I get to visit, and stand in the states many majestic waters that fisherman dream of standing in their whole lives, as well as catch some memorable fish.
    It's the year that people who mean the most to Me know it, and the ones that talk the talk, but wont walk the walk, get to learn how to walk on out of My life for good. It's a year for doing, and stop dreaming. This is the year to make things happen, and in a year from now look back on it and say I was very satisfied with how life treated Me over the past year.
    For those reading, stop saying I want I want, and say, I did I did. Stop saying I'd like to do this, but dont have the time, or whatever it is that's stopping you from doing it. Too many times you get an opportunity, and you pass on it for some reason, just to find out later it's a one time opportunity....and you lost it. This is the year to get it all back, and stop dreaming. This is My year, and this is the year, that all the rest of My years are judged upon. Take a tip from Nike......JUST DO IT!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

ebay rod blanks

   I'm not sure if it's a safe bet, or not yet. On one hand, I'm saying it would be worth it to score a cheap blank for My first build. If I mess it up, and spend less then 20$ on the blank, I'd come out ahead if I mess it up right? On the other hand, Im thinking what if I do a perfect job on this blank, and it's got pits, uneven finish, and worse yet...a weak blank that cant take the stress of a fish?
   I'm really debating on whether, or not to do it. I guess I could, and even if it comes out nice (insert a smiley face rolling around on the ground here), I can still hang it on the wall as My first rod building trophy. On the other hand, I've been looking at cabela's and have found some very nice 8wt kits, that come complete with everything needed, and are reasonably priced. is MY thinking( again insert rofl smiley face here). I get the complete kit.....AND I get a few blanks on flea bay in case I actually do a great job, so I'm ahead of the game so to speak for My next builds. All I will need to do afterwards is get  some guides, and handles, and the rest as they say is history. Guess we'll just have to wait n see what santa brings  Me I guess. Tight lines.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Too much work bums the fishbum

   I love to work, I really do, But...there is a serious lack of being a hooker going on. I mean, I tie flies, I'm buying the goodies to start building rods, but I don't have anytime with work to do any fishing at all. I'm actually glad I didn't buy a kayak this last summer, I never would have had a chance to use it.
   It really sucks too, watching all these fishing videos of guys out on the water catching these huge fish, and all I'm  catching is hell at work when I turn around. The good news is I have a rod building jig, not to mention I just bought some epoxy, and mixing cups to I can get My supplies together before starting My first build.
   I think I'm gonna build an 8wt for My first rod, then we'll see if it's just something I like to do, or if it's another addiction I have in My bag of tricks. The good news is that it's winter time. That means stocking up on the fly boxes, building a few new rods (crosses My, and buying some new gear to play with this next years season.
   I really need to make it up to Cleveland this year if I can make it up there, and go do some steelhead fishing. Time to go slay some chrome. It's the one fish I've always wanted to go catch, but never had the chance to get out and try to catch.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The one that got away

We've all heard the stories of the one that got away. I only wish I could back up what I have to say with the fish itself. It was a gorgeous day out today, and decided to go out and do abit of fishing. There's a nice set of ponds near the castle here in town, and though I have fished one of em a few times, I decided to fish the smaller pond today.
I broke out the 5 wt, tied on a hopper pattern, and started slingin it out there as far as I could. All I was getting were bites from bluegills too small to even get the hook in thier mouth. I switched over to a colorful bassbug after a few casts, and started to let it fly as far as I could. Only one side of the pond was accessable due to weeds along the shores, so I had to stick to one side of the pond, and work it as well as possible with what I had.
I had almost given up when I seen a little swirl about 15 ft out in the water, and thought I'd give it a try. I double hauled and landed the fly just in front of the spot I had seen. I twitched it once, n gave it a gentle thing I knew the fly disappered, and line was being stripped from the reel faster then I could get My hands on it. It got it down into the backing, n seen it do a nice jump near the other side of the shore, and then I could only guess as a deep dive.
Next thing I know....the line goes slack. Now, I've been fishing long enough to know to keep the rod tip high....check. I know to keep the line tight, but give him room to move so he don't break off....check. But, what I don't know is how to keep the dang snags in the water from keeping My line from breaking when I have possibly the biggest fish I've ever hooked in My life on the line, to get it to hand.
The funny part is I rushed home right afterwards to tell My g.f. we have to go to walmart to buy a raft. When she heard about the fight, she grabbed her rod, n asked what I was waiting for. We went back out there, n fished for another hour or so, n seen him out there rising, n teasing us, but didn't get any bites. I'm just glad he was still out there rising, so I didn't sound like some dang fish story telling angler.
Tomorrow is round two. I'm gonna get that fish. No matter what, I'm getting that fish. I definatly need to get a pontoon raft, or at least a raft. I think once I get to building My rods later on, Im definatly gonna be building a good bass rod that I can get alot of line out on the water with. Well, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to talk about the one that DIDN'T get away, lol.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thinking of trying to build a fly rod

I've been doing alot of research lately on what I need to get in order to start building some rods. I don't think My first rod build is gonna be an expensive one, cause if I mess up, I'd prefer the first rod be one that can easily be forgotten, without looking at the checking account n wonder what I was thinking when I did it.
I'd like to go with a nice 9ft 8wt rod, seeing as how I don't own a good bass fishing rod. I've got a ton of links on equipment, supplies, and various other things I'd want to get if My first rod build goes well. If I do well, I'd like to get a lathe so I can turn My own grips, and reel seats.
My goal is to get good enough to make up a few personal rods to use Myself, and possibly give some away as gifts to friends, and family who fish. I also wouldn't mind getting into building bamboo rods at a later time as well. I really like working with My hands, and feel that building a bamboo rod, would be a test of My skills.
Keep your fingers crossed. If things go well hopefully I'll start My first build in about a month if everything goes right. Gotta get the tools, and supplies to do the work first, then it's gonna be a gamble if I can do it or not.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

nice spring day

I've been out a handfull of times in the last few days. My girlfriends daughters were here for spring break last week. Although we didnt get to go fishing much due to bad weather, we did manage to get in a trip on saturday. Headed down to the lake to fish for abit before they were getting tired of all the mud, then we decided to head back into town to the castle so they could play around abit as well
Well, it was cold n breezy n not much going on as far as bites either. I threw everything I had at the fish that day, clousers, deer hair bass bugs, wooly worms, crawfish, and didnt get a nibble. So yesterday I went down to a spot that I found near My girlfriends job, and decided to throw out a line for abit. Ended up using some wooly worms, and a few hopper patterns, and finally ended up catching a bluegill that was so small, that the entire fish fit in the palm of my hand.
I need to get to the fly shop n get some new lines, as well as possibly an 8wt fly rod set up. I've been seeing alot about the shark lines lately, and think I might outfit at least one reel with it to check it out n see if the lines all it's cracked up to be. All I can say is that my 5wt line is so old it cant even keep a good grease on it anymore. I cast 10 ft, and it takes all the effort I got to get it to roll over properly, much less go any further.
Well with any luck by the time the weather is cooperating, and the fish start to really bite, I can afford to get a few new fly lines, and perhaps an 8wt rod n reel so my 5wt dont become a snapped twig when I get that first big bass of the year.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scouting some new areas to fish

I've been scouting some new areas to fish around here lately. Went back to the pond that I took the kids to for abit of fishing. I didn't have any luck catching any fish while I was there, but seen some huge carp that I now have to try and catch. I spoke with someone who was there who said they were shocked to see Me fishing there.
Apparently, they emptied that pond a few years ago, and as far as he knew, he said there weren't any fish in there. Well I'm keeping positive that there are seeing as how I seen the carp. After talking to a few other people I've decided to find another place to fish just in case there arent any fish in there.
Last night while Myself, and the gf were hunting for a larger place to live, I noticed a nice sized pond in the area we're looking at. I stopped by there today after dropping her off at work, and it definatly has potential. It's a large pond with water being fed from a river, as well as an area to launch a bellyboat, or pontoon from pretty easily. It was too windy, and cod to try n do any fishing today, but hope to head back tomorrow for abit of fishing there.

Monday, March 21, 2011

been pretty boring around here lately

The weather is still awefully cold, to the point that the fish are still so deep I can't reach em. I've tied quite a few bass bugs lately. In fact I took the kids out this past weekend to do alittle fishing, just to get outta the house, and those bugs I've been tying all winter long are working awesome.
The legs have great action in the water, the colors look alot more brighter then I thought they would on the water, compared to looking at em in the vise, and they float well, n dive deep when popped. Hopefully this summer I can get some good pics of some nice fish, as well as some very happy faces as well.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

spring cleanup. organizing fly boxes

Ever notice how when you go through your fly boxes to sort out the good, from the bad, you realize how good your getting at tying flies? For instance, today while going through My vest I found a fly box I haven't used in years. By years, I don't mean one, possibly two years.....I mean like 5, or 6 years.

Well, let Me tell you, it was a shock to see how well I've come along in My
tying. Heck, even the g.f. got a good laugh at some of the flies I had in there, n called good enough to fish.
Well, since then I've gotten alot better. So part of My spring cleaning today was going through My vests, sorting out fly boxes, leaders,
removing old flies from the fly patches, and seeing what gear needed replenished. I've got three boxes ready to go fishing for the upcoming
season, with more flies in the vise, n scheduled for a basses demise.
As of right now, this box here is gonna be My go to box I think. So far it has some clousers, hoppers, wo
olyworms, and few other patterns in it as well.

Then next box I have is a smaller box filled with hoppers, some older deer hair bugs that really don't resemble anything, but catch fish, as well as lots of buggers.

Next is My big box I'll have to keep in the back of My vest. It has all of My deer hair patterns that are too big to go in a fly box, cause they'll get crushed if they're put in there. Since I've taken this picture, I've added quiet a few other patterns to it. A few divers, and alot of surface patterns. I
haven't posted a pic of the divers cause well.....that fly belongs in the first pic (lol). I tied My first one tonight. Not bad overall, but as good as I've gotten lately tying, if it won't sell in a shop, I'm not posting it. So, hopefully in a few weeks I'll post a pic of one, possibly in the lip of a big ol bucketmouth.
I think overall this is gonna be a very productive year for fishing, getting outdoors, and having fun. I have a g.f. who wants to get out, and do alot of outdoor activities, a little buddy who's dying to catch some fish (like Me), and best of all, there are areas for Bass, Trout, and Metalheads not far away from here. Yup....2011 is the year of the fishbum. WATCH OUT FISH....I'M COMING TO CATCH YA.
Tight lines.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Well I got in trouble this weekend.

Myself, and my little buddy 'that's what I call one one of the gf's daughters' went to the fly shop on saturday, and spent a few bucks on some supplies. By a few bucks, I mean I just about wiped out the checking acct, and she wasn't very happy when she seen it. Well, at least me n the little buddy had fun. Bought about 8 different color deer hair patches, a foam body cutter (MUST GET MORE OF THESE), some trimming scissors, a few packages of yellow rubber legs, as well as an orange/yellow/metallic colored legs, and some thread for tying up the deer hair patterns.
I think she had fun while she was there. Other then a trip to a bass pro shop when I lived in Missouri, she had never been in a fly shop before. She had seen what they have to offer on websites, and the things I've brought home, but never went to an actual fly shop and looked around. Well, let's just say she had a blast. The owner of the shop is a really nice older gentleman, and as soon as we walked in he told her to follow him, cause he had something for her. Well, it turned out he has his own candy dispenser (like an old bubble gum machine) so she got to chow down on m&m's while we shopped.
Part of why I got in trouble was having so much fun watching her pick things up, and look so fascinated at it. She sees my tying desk and sees a few necks, some thread, a few tools, and hooks, yet she walked into their tying room, and seen racks of feathers, deer hair, threads, foam, and various other supplies. I love it when kids now adays are so enthused about the out doors. Part of if may be she's never really seen so many things like this before, but it was all so cute. I'd be looking for something, she'd ask if this is what I was looking for, then hand me 4 different varieties n ask 'is this enough?'
So far I haven't had time to do any deer hair patterns yet. Been cutting out alot of beavertail bodies with this new foam cutter. I really like it cause I've been able to cut up to 4 layers thick of 2mm foam, and knock out alot of bodies at once. With all these bass bugs, and hoppers, the water had better start dropping soon. Went down to look at the water the other day, and it was running fast n dirty. So I probably won't get to wet a line for about another 2 weeks at least to let the water clear up.
Well, I'm off to tie some more hoppers, and possibly break into my new stash of deer hair, n see what new bugs I can come up with. Until next time, have a great season, and tight lines.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Finally after alot of rain, and some warmer days we're starting to see some water. It's not by any means fishing water yet. Too murky, and running way too fast to be fishable, but the signs of ice melting, and ducks swimming in water is a great sign that winter is almost past, and the days of fishing are about to begin.
Been tying alot of deer hair bass bugs, and that's great for later in the season....but I gotta start cracking down on divers, and any other sub surface patterns for this summer. Oh, hoppers too. need to tie lots of hoppers, and dragonfly patterns. I need to get an 8wt too. I only got My 4 n 5 wts for trout, so definatly gonna need another 8wt for the summer.
Need to get a gear bag, a new rod, and reel, some furled leaders, and a few more boxes for all the flies that keep popping outta my vise so far. This is gonna be the summer that will be burned in my memory for years to come. This is gonna be the year where I catch lots of fish, and fish alot of new places as well. Until next time, tight lines.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bass Bugs II

Well, I've been tying alot of bass bugs lately. The problem I've come to find is being I'm either fishing from shore, or wading it's gonna make it hard to keep My bugs on me, without being crushed. I've looked n looked for fly boxes with some depth, and haven't been able to come up with anything as of yet.
So far, My best option is to use a smaller plano type box, fill it with the flies needed, and slip in in the back of My fly vest so I can pull em out when needed. I was looking at the bugger barns, but it don't seem as thought they would be deep enough to keep the flies in it, without em getting crushed.
Think I might have to keep My eyes open for some kind of a box, that I can modify that won't be too bulky to fit in a vest, and still be roomy enough to fit all the flies in without crushing em. So far the 2nd, n 4th pics seem to be the box to go with.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My new addiction.....bass bugs

With all the snow we've gotten around here lately, the only thing to do is work, and tie flies. I've been tying up alot of bass bugs, seeing as how most all the fishing around here is either gonna be bass, or go north n hit the metalheads. I've actually gotten pretty good at tying deer hair bugs lately. Probably cause I have nothing better to do with the weather the way it is.
Last week, Me, and my girlfriend went to walmart to get a few things, and I had to get another plano box to keep all the bugs in. The fly boxes I have now crush the bugs, and then they become useless cause they won't float right. Gotta try n find a new way to store em so I can keep em in My vest when out in the water.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bass Bugs

Been tying alot of bass bugs recently. Nothing special, either full color bodies, or split down the middle with different colors, and lots of fluffy, sparkly tails. Got a new cabinet to display some gear as well. Got a little foam block on a shelf with alot of flies I have tied. The best part is the girls have helped (design) a few flies, and then had em named after em, lol.
Nothing too special, but they seem to enjoy it alot, and can't wait for the water to thaw, like Me, to see how they fish this summer.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I started tying up alot of buggers last night. I have enough chenile to do a few dozen, and being the weather isnt the greatest I figured why not tie up alot of em. right now the colors are mostly bright orange, with a white hackle palmered around the chennile. Been tying up some more deer hair bass bugs as well, and started to throw on some weedguards with em as well.
I still need to get to the fly shop, and get some more hair though. Weather, and money constraints have kept me from making the trip to the fly shop. I did get to walmart yesterday for some double edge razors, large stinger hooks, and some heavy mono for the weedguards. I need to go back there again, and get a new clear plastic plano box, so that I have a place to store the rest of the flies I'm tying up.
I figure that after today, I won't have any room left in the box, to put any flies. Although I guess that just means it's time to go through my fly boxes in the vest, take out all the old n replace em with the I can tie even more flies for my reserves. I figure at this point I probably have enough flies tied to last me the season, and probably the season after that as well if I don't get on the vise next off season.
Well, time to tie up a few more bugs. Here's just a small taste of what I have so far, and what I need to keep tying for later.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

working on some bass bugs

They are harder then they look. I have tried various ways of tying em, and am still having problems with em. I started reading up on some great sites about tying bass bugs. The best one I have found, is by the person who I consider the pro of bass bugs, Chris Helm. His site has helped Me out tremendously, as He has so much information available, on just one site.
As soon, as I can get a better camera to take some macro shots, (My camera doesn't take the greatest macro shots...very blurry) I'll post some pics of the flies I've been tying.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wow it's been awhile.

Been gone awhile, and really hasnt been much fun. I've tied alot, fished abit, and haven't blogged about any of it. I just recently got back into tying deer hair poppers, and having a blast with em. I need to get to the fly shop n grab some more hooks, definatly some gsp, and alot more deer hair.
Different colored hair would be nice to get too. I'll have too see what thier selection is like. I want to get some wild colors to start tying with. Hot pinks, greens, red, black, yellow, orange,blue. Just all kinds of colors to spice up the flies. Not sure about the kinds of hooks I'm gonna get yet, maybe some bass stingers.
I've been tying some nice looking flies lately, although having only natural colored hair, they aren't all that great. Need to get some thinning scissors, gsp, stinger hooks, a hair packer, and definatly different colored deer hair.
Snow is everywhere, so there's no sense in even looking at My rods yet. Although, I do need to see about getting some new fly lines this season. I'm sure that after 6 years there abit worn out. Although they still look great after all them fights, but the tapers are all worn out n gone.
Well I guess I'm gonna go try n tie a few more with the hair, and hooks I have left. Hopefully I can get to the shop in a couple of weeks n get a few more supplies before cabin fever sets in, and I start trying to catch fish outta peoples fish aquariums.