Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolutions

    2012 is MY year. It's the year I get into building, graphite, and hopefully bamboos as well. It's the year ALL the things I've wanted to do fishing related, not only happens, but goes down in My record book as the year of finally doing what I want to do. It's the year that I post more blogs on a regular basis, get more involved in online forums, and most of all get out on the water n post tons of pics of all the great days on the water.
    It's the year I buy My kayak, and spend as many days on the water as possible, even at the risk of having to find another job on those great weather days. The year that I make a name for Myself, and not just as a friend, or co worker, but as someone who's trying to further his life, and make it the best it can possibly be. It's the year Montana is no longer a state I've driven through, but one I get to visit, and stand in the states many majestic waters that fisherman dream of standing in their whole lives, as well as catch some memorable fish.
    It's the year that people who mean the most to Me know it, and the ones that talk the talk, but wont walk the walk, get to learn how to walk on out of My life for good. It's a year for doing, and stop dreaming. This is the year to make things happen, and in a year from now look back on it and say I was very satisfied with how life treated Me over the past year.
    For those reading, stop saying I want I want, and say, I did I did. Stop saying I'd like to do this, but dont have the time, or whatever it is that's stopping you from doing it. Too many times you get an opportunity, and you pass on it for some reason, just to find out later it's a one time opportunity....and you lost it. This is the year to get it all back, and stop dreaming. This is My year, and this is the year, that all the rest of My years are judged upon. Take a tip from Nike......JUST DO IT!!!!

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HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

You got me excited just reading about all the things you've got planned for 2012. I'm with ya , that's the correct attitude to take with anything...good things don't just happen without a little effort and will from those involved. Here's to a great 2012!!