Monday, November 28, 2011

ebay rod blanks

   I'm not sure if it's a safe bet, or not yet. On one hand, I'm saying it would be worth it to score a cheap blank for My first build. If I mess it up, and spend less then 20$ on the blank, I'd come out ahead if I mess it up right? On the other hand, Im thinking what if I do a perfect job on this blank, and it's got pits, uneven finish, and worse yet...a weak blank that cant take the stress of a fish?
   I'm really debating on whether, or not to do it. I guess I could, and even if it comes out nice (insert a smiley face rolling around on the ground here), I can still hang it on the wall as My first rod building trophy. On the other hand, I've been looking at cabela's and have found some very nice 8wt kits, that come complete with everything needed, and are reasonably priced. is MY thinking( again insert rofl smiley face here). I get the complete kit.....AND I get a few blanks on flea bay in case I actually do a great job, so I'm ahead of the game so to speak for My next builds. All I will need to do afterwards is get  some guides, and handles, and the rest as they say is history. Guess we'll just have to wait n see what santa brings  Me I guess. Tight lines.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Too much work bums the fishbum

   I love to work, I really do, But...there is a serious lack of being a hooker going on. I mean, I tie flies, I'm buying the goodies to start building rods, but I don't have anytime with work to do any fishing at all. I'm actually glad I didn't buy a kayak this last summer, I never would have had a chance to use it.
   It really sucks too, watching all these fishing videos of guys out on the water catching these huge fish, and all I'm  catching is hell at work when I turn around. The good news is I have a rod building jig, not to mention I just bought some epoxy, and mixing cups to I can get My supplies together before starting My first build.
   I think I'm gonna build an 8wt for My first rod, then we'll see if it's just something I like to do, or if it's another addiction I have in My bag of tricks. The good news is that it's winter time. That means stocking up on the fly boxes, building a few new rods (crosses My, and buying some new gear to play with this next years season.
   I really need to make it up to Cleveland this year if I can make it up there, and go do some steelhead fishing. Time to go slay some chrome. It's the one fish I've always wanted to go catch, but never had the chance to get out and try to catch.