Thursday, March 29, 2012

started the new rod buiId, n messed it up aIready

 it's not as if I didn't do My homework, plan it  it out, and then did it the right way. NOOOOOOO, I got in a hurry, and scuffed up the mid section of the rod, and now I don't even know if I can fix it. I can at least finish the rod, then just hang it on the wall I guess. At least it will be a good practice rod for future builds. But still dang it, I'm mad I messed it up. I'm not sure it's messed up, I mean I still might be able to fish it, I just have no idea right now until I hear from a few rod builders to let Me know if this just turned out to be a practice rod for Me.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The kit finally arrived today!!!!

   Today, after a VERY long wait, My rod building kit finally arrived at the house. Unfortunately, I'm not able to dive right in, and get started on it seeing as how I've forgotten to pick up some very much needed tools such as files, markers, and tape. Oh well, the way I see it, that just gives Me more time to actually think about building a fine rod, and not get all amped up  about it, and screw it up somehow.
   I've watched a ton of online videos, read books, re-watched videos, and even practiced doing some wraps on My other rods. *SMH*....DOH!!!! I'm off to work on My rod now....I forgot. It's a 3 piece rod, so I can go wrap two sections of it tonight, and work on the butt end of the rod this upcoming weekend when I can go get the tools needed to put the handle together. Wish Me luck to see just how much damage I can actually do to a first time build. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

UPS....I'II be nice. THEY'RE A BUNCH OF %^*@!#% IDIOTS!!!

Two weeks ago I finally got to order a rod building kit from Cabellas. Needless to say I was stoked that I was finally gonna get the kit I've wanted, and start to build a rod. Well I ordered it, got the confirmation number and waited patiently for it to get here. On monday I rushed home to open it up, and get started on My first build....but no package.
I checked My email, and ups (usually pretty smart) said it was delivered. I contacted em to find out what was up n they said within the next business day I'd be receiving it. The next day rolls around, n still no package. I contacted them again, to find out that the guy who delivered it doesn't know east, from west....n delivered it to the wrong side of town.
Now I get to wait to see if they can get it right this time, otherwise I'm just gonna ask for a refund, and make the drive to the nearest shop that sells blanks, and components so I can make sure Im getting what I pay for.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New year, New look

   I decided that it was time to add a new look, and feel to the blog this year. I like using blogger alot, it's an easy site to use, and has a great number of great blogs to view as well. My only complaint is the lack of being able to really customize it to your personal liking.
   I really wanted to add a pic to the header, but if I did that, would lose the new color scheme I really like. If I could keep the graphite look, and add a pic to the header....I feel it would be the perfect look. I also deleted the blog descriptions, and pics from the blogs I follow. It just seemed to clutter that side of the screen up too much, no insult intended to the great bloggers I keep up on. After all, aren't we all the reason we read these things? To get a glimpse into the lives of other fisherman, and women, and see some amazing hand tied flies, custom built rods, and amazing catches.
    It's time to start to start shopping for a decent camera that can be used solo to take pics in the field, as well as something that is user friendly for the family so they can use it as well. I'd really like to start adding some pics of fish caught, either by myself, family, or friends and give this blog a more personal feel. Once I start going from the planning stages of the mancave, to the construction, and eventual madness that will follow in there, I'd love for people to get a view of what it will be like, and hopefully give others ideas for their own space they've been wanting to build, but don't know how they would like it done, and are looking for ideas of their own to use.
   To everyone who reads this, and to those who have yet to find it, may all your dreams become reality in 2012, and your lines, regardless of the type of rod their cast from, be tight all year long.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolutions

    2012 is MY year. It's the year I get into building, graphite, and hopefully bamboos as well. It's the year ALL the things I've wanted to do fishing related, not only happens, but goes down in My record book as the year of finally doing what I want to do. It's the year that I post more blogs on a regular basis, get more involved in online forums, and most of all get out on the water n post tons of pics of all the great days on the water.
    It's the year I buy My kayak, and spend as many days on the water as possible, even at the risk of having to find another job on those great weather days. The year that I make a name for Myself, and not just as a friend, or co worker, but as someone who's trying to further his life, and make it the best it can possibly be. It's the year Montana is no longer a state I've driven through, but one I get to visit, and stand in the states many majestic waters that fisherman dream of standing in their whole lives, as well as catch some memorable fish.
    It's the year that people who mean the most to Me know it, and the ones that talk the talk, but wont walk the walk, get to learn how to walk on out of My life for good. It's a year for doing, and stop dreaming. This is the year to make things happen, and in a year from now look back on it and say I was very satisfied with how life treated Me over the past year.
    For those reading, stop saying I want I want, and say, I did I did. Stop saying I'd like to do this, but dont have the time, or whatever it is that's stopping you from doing it. Too many times you get an opportunity, and you pass on it for some reason, just to find out later it's a one time opportunity....and you lost it. This is the year to get it all back, and stop dreaming. This is My year, and this is the year, that all the rest of My years are judged upon. Take a tip from Nike......JUST DO IT!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

ebay rod blanks

   I'm not sure if it's a safe bet, or not yet. On one hand, I'm saying it would be worth it to score a cheap blank for My first build. If I mess it up, and spend less then 20$ on the blank, I'd come out ahead if I mess it up right? On the other hand, Im thinking what if I do a perfect job on this blank, and it's got pits, uneven finish, and worse yet...a weak blank that cant take the stress of a fish?
   I'm really debating on whether, or not to do it. I guess I could, and even if it comes out nice (insert a smiley face rolling around on the ground here), I can still hang it on the wall as My first rod building trophy. On the other hand, I've been looking at cabela's and have found some very nice 8wt kits, that come complete with everything needed, and are reasonably priced. is MY thinking( again insert rofl smiley face here). I get the complete kit.....AND I get a few blanks on flea bay in case I actually do a great job, so I'm ahead of the game so to speak for My next builds. All I will need to do afterwards is get  some guides, and handles, and the rest as they say is history. Guess we'll just have to wait n see what santa brings  Me I guess. Tight lines.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Too much work bums the fishbum

   I love to work, I really do, But...there is a serious lack of being a hooker going on. I mean, I tie flies, I'm buying the goodies to start building rods, but I don't have anytime with work to do any fishing at all. I'm actually glad I didn't buy a kayak this last summer, I never would have had a chance to use it.
   It really sucks too, watching all these fishing videos of guys out on the water catching these huge fish, and all I'm  catching is hell at work when I turn around. The good news is I have a rod building jig, not to mention I just bought some epoxy, and mixing cups to I can get My supplies together before starting My first build.
   I think I'm gonna build an 8wt for My first rod, then we'll see if it's just something I like to do, or if it's another addiction I have in My bag of tricks. The good news is that it's winter time. That means stocking up on the fly boxes, building a few new rods (crosses My, and buying some new gear to play with this next years season.
   I really need to make it up to Cleveland this year if I can make it up there, and go do some steelhead fishing. Time to go slay some chrome. It's the one fish I've always wanted to go catch, but never had the chance to get out and try to catch.