Monday, March 19, 2012

The kit finally arrived today!!!!

   Today, after a VERY long wait, My rod building kit finally arrived at the house. Unfortunately, I'm not able to dive right in, and get started on it seeing as how I've forgotten to pick up some very much needed tools such as files, markers, and tape. Oh well, the way I see it, that just gives Me more time to actually think about building a fine rod, and not get all amped up  about it, and screw it up somehow.
   I've watched a ton of online videos, read books, re-watched videos, and even practiced doing some wraps on My other rods. *SMH*....DOH!!!! I'm off to work on My rod now....I forgot. It's a 3 piece rod, so I can go wrap two sections of it tonight, and work on the butt end of the rod this upcoming weekend when I can go get the tools needed to put the handle together. Wish Me luck to see just how much damage I can actually do to a first time build. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

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